AARMS Collaborative Research Group (CRG): IFS, Fractals, Invariant Measures and Applications 

  Group Administrator :  

      Shafiqul Islam (University of Prince Edward Island)   

  Group Members :  

      Shafiqul Islam (University of Prince Edward Island)   

      Tara Taylor (StFX)   

      Franklin Mendivil (Acadia)   

  Atlantic Regional Collaborators :  

      Dorette Pronk (Dalhousie University)

      Eva Curry (Acadia University)

      Robert Dawson (Saint Mary's University)


  National collaborators (from other Candian provinces) :  

      Pawel Gora (Concordia University)

      Mehran Ebrahimi (UOIT, Ontario, Canada)

      Herb Kunze (University of Guelph)

      Edward R. Vrscay (Waterloo University)

      Abraham Boyarsky (Concordia University)


  International collaborators :  

      Eric Bollt (Clarkson University, USA)

      Örjan Stenflo (Uppsala University, Sweden)


  Graduate students :  

      Hayden Vanlderstine (University of Prince Edward Island, Jauary 2016-December 2017)


  Recent and upcoming activities :  


Conference: Iterated Function Systems (IFS), Fractals, Invariant Measures and Applications, June 10-12, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.


Fractal Workshop at Science Atlantic Mathematics, Statistics and computer Science conference, October 23 -25, 2015, Acadia University, Nova Scotial, Canada..


  AARMS CRG Seminar series :  

      Dr. Tara Taylor (StFX): Multinacci Numbers, Golden Gaskets and Fractal Trees, November 9, 2015   

      Dr. Franklin Mendivil (Acadia): Sets of Sums and sums of sets, February 26, 2016.   

      Dr. Shafiqul Islam (UPEI): (title: Entropy, Maximum Entropy and Invariant Measures), March 30, 2016

      Dr. Franklin Mendivil (Acadia): Fractals and Images, October 21, 2016.   

      Dr. Shafiqul Islam (UPEI): (title: Random composition of two chaotic maps can give rise to nearly ordered (non-chaotic) behavior), Feb. 06, 2017

      Hayden VanIderstine (UPEI): (title: Computing Invariant measures of Dynamical Systems), March 20, 2017